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As Michelangelo once said, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it,” it is through the design process that the artist discovers the art. The heart of The LAB is this design process.

Each specific product and project requires a different set of investigative tools. We utilize everything imaginable at your disposal. Our custom designs begin with a personal discussion with each patron. That discussion translates into all manners of developmental tools which include:

  • hand sketches
  • watercolors
  • digital sketches
  • photography
  • photo-realistic computer imagery
  • prototype models
  • hard lined production drawings

These various tools are used to engage our patrons in a conversation. From this conversation, a perfectly tailored solution is born.

exploration in wood

At The LAB, we can produce many things in vastly different media. However, our medium of choice is wood. No other material has quite the same tactile variety, warmth, or genuine organic honesty as the multitude of the various species of wood can offer. Even when creating mixed media pieces, it is always the wood that brings the pieces to life.

While many of the products we make are utilitarian, the nature of wood allows us the freedom to explore form and space. The following is a small list of some of the things we produce:

  • pens + pencils
  • touch stylus
  • cutting boards
  • turning sculptures
  • bowls
  • custom furniture


In an ideal world, every project would be the perfect piece of art. But we know, no matter the level of mastery, art is a process that requires many iterations resulting from a fearless willingness to exist in the unknown.

At The LAB, we engage in the process of creating art for the sake of art to keep sharp our visionary approach. By eliminating some of the pragmatic aspects of real world, we are free to explore and discover new places that design can take us. We are not afraid to make mistakes or take the lesser traveled fork in the road.

We believe that some of these explorations can reach the heights of having value as stand alone objects. We invite you to explore some of the objects we have created.

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